Teaching Staff

Dr Paurav K. Mehta

Principal(I/C) and Assistant Professor

Experience: 14 Years

Area of Specialization: Phytosociology, Ecology

Area of Interest: Ecology, Environment, Biodiversity Conservation

Published Research Paper: 12 (In International & National Peer Reviewed Journals)

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Dr Nilesh D. Patel

Associate Professor

Experience: 27 Years

Area of Specialization: Turbo Animals, Fish Physiology

Area of Interest: Fish Physiology

Published Research Paper: 2


Shri Altaf H. Jalwani

Associate Professor

Experience: 26 Years

Area of Specialization: Organic Chemistry

Area of Interest: Environmental Chemistry

Published Research Paper: 9

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Dr. Dilip Kataliya

Assistant Professor

Experience: 15 Years

Area of Specialization: Indian Poetics, Literary Criticism, Indian English Literature

Area of Interest: Indian Poetics, Literary Criticism

Published Research Papers: 13

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Non-Teaching Staff

Shivalal S. Dhemani

Senior Clerk , (class-3)

Experience: 30 Years

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